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A10 Adaptations:  

We are based in north London and provide a mobile service covering London and the surrounding areas.

There are a few choices to be made when choosing hand controls, Firstly there are the basic push/pull hand controls. These are the most economical option and are available from several different manufacturers and can come with indicator switches in the handle itself, although this does cost more.

We install: Brig-ayd, Jeff Gosling, Cowal, and Techmobility.

Brig-ayd: there new innovative Silverline II kits are designed to eliminate the need for a bulky protection cover, thus giving more room to the drivers legs and have a handle that can be adjusted to align better with the cars steering wheel.

Jeff Gosling: has a very smooth operation and is a top seller, now with a new more comfortable grip.

Cowal and Techmobility: The most significant advantage with these hand controls are the way that the brake rod goes down behind the plastic in front of the drivers shins, not all cars can be done in this way so check with us before ordering to make sure that your car can be done this way.

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